"Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry"  
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Grace-Based Education at CIBCS

Perhaps the number one hindrance to Christians receiving proper college and seminary level training is the extremely high costs charged by most Christian institutions. Those who are able to enroll in Christian colleges and seminaries go through 2+ years of formal education and come out after graduating with massive debt, hardly repayable on a vocational ministry salary.

Channel Islands Bible College & Seminary was created in order to help solve these types of financial problems, while at the same time objectively providing a quality scholastic and academic education. In order to do so, CIBCS does not charge registration or tuition fees, but that doesn't mean going to CIBCS is free.

Nearly 2000 years ago this same type of offer was made by Jesus Christ. Man's sin left him incapable of redeeming himself to God. In God's complete knowledge of everything past, present, and future, He established a plan and set it forth in eternity past. Jesus Christ was a part of that plan. His role was the redemption of man. Jesus came to earth, being fully God and fully man, denied His natural rights and priviliges as God in order to allow the Holy Spirit to direct his actions on earth, lived a perfectly righteous, that is sinless, life on earth, then died on a Roman cross, rising from the dead exactly three days later. This process opened the door for man to be redeemed to God, all man has to do is believe that Jesus is the way and the truth and the life; the only way to God. His righteous and sacrificial death was the price of our salvation and redemption.

Channel Islands Bible College & Seminary has been established based on this grace basis. It is true that you can go throughout your educational training at CIBCS without paying a penny. However, that does not mean your education was free. Just as Jesus Christ paid the price for your sin on the cross nearly 2000 years ago, someone is helping to pay the operating costs of running a college & seminary. There is no pressure on students to contribute to the operational costs of CIBCS. However, there are 2 requirements upheld by the college.

1. The giver must have the desire to give.
2. The giver must also have the ability to give.

These are the 2 requirements to giving to the ministry at CIBCS. God will continue this college as long as He desires. When the operational costs render operation impossible, we'll move to whatever God has next.

The sacrifice was His, the resources are His, the will is His.




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