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Accreditation exists in order to establish and verify the academic programs, standards, and qualities of colleges, seminaries, and universities. By belonging to an accreditation company, a school is made to hold to certain criteria in regards to its operations as a school. The accreditation company and its standards provide the basis for these criteria and in accepting a school into membership, the accreditation company declares that it will vouch for the programs, standards, and qualities of a school.

It is in a school's best interest to have its programs accredited and the student should be cognizant of any school's accreditation and the fluidity of its degrees.

Channel Islands Bible College and Seminary does offer fully accredited degrees. In the Fall of 2008 Accrediting Commission International (ACI) made its second visit to our campus and granted CIBCS status as a, "Comprehensive Accredited Member." Their first visit to our campus which granted CIBCS its initial accreditation occurred in the Spring of 2001. ACI is the largest non-governmental accreditation company in the world. Their list of member schools totals more than 320 colleges and seminaries around the world. Channel Islands Bible College and Seminary's credits, degrees, and transcripts, are fully transferable to ACI member schools. Acceptance of credits, degrees, or transcripts to non-ACI member schools is not guaranteed, but taken on a case by case evaluation, acceptable at the receiving institute's descretion. Click here for more information about Accrediting Commission Internation.

CIBCS is in the process of acquiring other accreditation to go along with ACI's accreditation and is looking specifically into government recognized accreditation to further increase the fluidity and longevity of its programs, curriculum, and degrees.



Accrediting Commission International
CIBCS is accredited by the largest, non-govermental accreditation company in the world. Find out more...

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