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There are two categories of Independent Studies students currently enrolled in this department. We have local students who take some courses on campus and supplement the on campus classes with independent studies. Because the college is in the early stages of development, not all courses can be offered each semester, so, students are able to pick-up needed courses through independent studies. These students pick up their material and submit their work while they are on campus attending other classes. Then, we have students from other states and nations who are unable to attend classes on campus but are able to become equipped for the work of ministry through the Independent Studies Department. These students are presently able to receive and submit materials through the mail. Independent studies by way of the Internet is on the horizon. Equipment has been purchased and is being installed while personnel are being trained to provide independent studies over the internet. This program will begin with a limited number of students and as God provides the workers to facilitate the program the ministry will become world wide. Thus, regardless of one’s geographical location, he or she is able to become better equipped, or even earn a degree through our independent studies department. A handbook is designed to provide inquiring students with information concerning the provisions and requirements for independent study.
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